Our daily bread

Within the last dozen of years or so we have tested loads of weird products, which have honestly speaking been of very little use for Polish consumers. How many people clean their nose every single day,  or would like to have a hot jelly dessert from a carton box during their lunch break at work? Being so very busy seeking new products, and trying to satisfy the needs which consumers have not even been aware of, we seem to have forgotten about the existence of products which are really basic and close to all of us.

A positive experience would be the bread consumer tests which we have been conducting for the last couple of years. Bread is a very interesting category, which is highly involving for consumers, and which evokes many positive emotions. Bread is something you think about, you seek, you come back to. Brands have been introduced to this category relatively recently. Consumers treat both Schulstad and Awiteks from Kraków as brands – as both names stand for certain constancy and repeatability. An interesting insight is that the purchase of a different, unknown bread brand is burdened with relatively high risk, in spite of relatively small price per unit. It should not come as a surprise, taking into account the consequences of incorrect choice of bread: unhappy and hungry household members, who do not like the new type of bread might have a very discouraging effect on every homemaker looking for a change.

Even though more and more bakeries close down, and the consumption of bread is decreasing in Poland, the value of the market is growing. According to forecasts, in 2015 it shall reach 13 billion PLN in value. Let’s hope that emerging brands turn to the research industry for help to understand market dynamics and consumer needs.