• We help our Clients build strong messages
  • The art of data interpretation
  • The art of data interpretation
  • Brand success starts from research
  • We teach our Clients to look through customers’ eyes
17 years of experience over 2000 projects conducted    leader among small and medium research entities in Poland    PTBRiO undertakings

Market research

EEI Market Research thanks to 17 years of presence on the Polish research market has exceptional experience in designing and conducting market research projects. The team of experienced researchers combine the state-of-the-art knowledge from the fields of market, economy and methodology, with psychology of consumer behaviour. Thanks to their high competence the team members can design custom-made qualitative and quantitative projects optimally addressing our Client’s needs.

This is why in our work we do not settle for simple and standard solutions, but we believe that successful market research is determined by careful and creative designing of the entire research process. We always enrich the consumer research results with marketing or strategic consulting, as a result of which our Clients are provided with actionable conclusions and recommendations which can easily translate into particular steps or marketing initiatives.

Our credo is to discover the truth about consumer behaviour. We want to be a research boutique, at which our Clients shall feel comfortable and receive professional service. The EEI team is highly committed to projects conducted, we also ensure personal contact with the researcher who is responsible for conducing and supervising the research process.


Clients about us

"EEI has been a regular research provider for T-Mobile brands for the last decade or so. For us working with these researchers is an extraordinary..."

Gosia Puchlak, Market Research Manager, Polska Telefonia Cyfrowa SA

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"EEI is my discovery of 2009 (I did not know you before – unfortunately)"

Alina Kościanek-Bogoń, Vitamins & Tonics Category Manager, Bayer Sp. z o.o., Consumer Care

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"Working with Janusz and Agata has been an unadulterated"

Peter Lovett, Consumer Profile Group , UK

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"I consider EEI to be a partner and a key component to a successful..."

Mary-Ellen Callahan and Lisa Riley , Perception Research Services, USA

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"EEI not only actively and very creatively works with us on planning the methodological approach for every wave of our "Dzień Konsumenta", but it also..."

Katarzyna Rejzner i Urszula Kuczwalska, Danone

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