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Qualitative market research

Qualitative research can serve as both an exploratory stage of collecting information needed to optimally design a quantitative project, and as an autonomous and integral research allowing for making pivotal marketing decisions. This type of studies ensure comfort of longer and more personal contact with consumers, which always translates into better understanding of the market situation.

The actionability of qualitative projects is affected by the skills of the moderator, who has to be both a researcher and marketer, a consenting interaction participant and an objective observer. At EEI qualitative projects are conducted exclusively by experienced moderators, while the qualitative methods utilised are individually tailored to every study.

Types of research offered

Focus group interviews/discussions (FGD, FGI)

Mini focus group discussion (mini FGD)

Creative groups

Homogenous and clash dyads; triads

Individual In-depth Interviews (IDI)

Expert interviews

In-home visits (IHV)

Qualitative ‘Taste Palette’