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Quantitative market research

You find only ‘hard’ and ‘tangible’ data convincing? You want to have a feeling that everything possible has been tested, verified, measured, and quantified? You want to be able to extrapolate the results obtained onto a given population? Quantitative research will allow you to precisely identify the range, degree, direction and intensity of a phenomenon of interest.

Thanks to quantitative studies, no interrelations between attributes of a given object shall go unnoticed. Quantitative research ensures clear-cut, matter-of-fact questions; standardised answer options; large samples.

EEI has for years been providing its Clients with reliable research tools: well-thought-out questionnaires, quantitative research techniques, as well as fast and reliable data analysis.

We can clearly and comprehensibly translate quantitative research results into our Clients’ commercial success.

Product tests aim at optimising product formula, i.e. at providing manufacturers with information on which product formula proposal developed is characterised by the highest potential, understood as optimal relation between production costs, overall evaluation and purchase intent. Product tests conducted by EEI also often help our Clients improve profitability thanks to the introduction of cheaper components without any negative impact on the perceived quality of a given product.

Depending on research objectives, we conduct central location or in-home tests. We utilise various designs: monadic tests, sequential-monadic, round-robin, proto-monadic. We conduct both blind and branded tests. We know how to optimally select the methodology and test design. We have tested many products in various categories.

When presenting the results, we always point to product attributes which drive purchase intent the most. This knowledge allows manufacturers to fast and often inexpensively optimise a given aspect, and consequently improve the product formula.

Type of research offered

Strategic concept tests

C&U tests

Price research

U&A and segmentation studies