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Online and Internet research

Have you ever considered ‘second life’ research? Do you know that there are certain communities which you can communicate with more easily and more openly online? Maybe your budget is tighter, or you want to have your project conducted faster than by means of traditional techniques of reaching respondents? EEI Market Research designs and conducts a whole array of online projects.

Those who wish to conduct a given project fast and efficiently, can choose from the following ‘standard quantitative’ projects with the online data collection option:

  • Product tests
  • Concept tests
  • C&U tests
  • Marketing Mix Test
  • Price research

Our portfolio also includes the type of research that would be difficult to imagine and conduct without the Internet.

Type of research offered

Online FGIs and IDIs

Discussion panels

Qualitative online panel

Virtual ethnography

Analysis of online content

Internet product studies: portals, vortals, websites, online stores, online communication