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You believe that in order to get to know someone really well it is not enough to just talk to them, but also to ‘walk in their shoes’? You want not only to gather information about consumers, but you need to understand their social and material environment? Ethnographic research helps marketers understand mechanisms driving consumer behaviour in particular target groups, allowing for observing natural interaction with the product and the brand. They are an extremely valuable source of inspiration and consumer insights. They introduce new learnings to the knowledge about consumers and the market, they offer a surprisingly fresh perspective on things. They allow you to look at the world from your customers’ perspective, observe their choices, decisions, and daily, automatic activities.

Ethnographic research is conducted without any strict guide to follow, and is designed ‘as it goes’. This is why at EEI ethnographic projects are conducted only by experienced moderators who know how to ask questions in order to obtain the right answer; how to look in order to see beyond the obvious; where to go in order to learn more than you would ever expect.

We offer our Clients a one-of-a-kind opportunity to get really close to ‘real consumers’.

Types of research

Traditional ethnography

Ethnographic interviews

Virtual ethnography

In-home Interviews

CDay (Consumer Day)