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B2B research

Is it not enough for you to explore typical populations only? You would like to have insight into plans and functioning of corporate or B2B customers? You seek information on loyalty among your B2B partners or suppliers?

B2B research is conducted among enterprises, their boards, managerial staff, employees, or state officials. B2B projects are usually more complicated, more challenging, and more expensive than consumer research, as they pertain to highly specialised, unique, and complex topics, and because of the fact that access to such respondents is more difficult. This is why it seems advisable to commission this type of research to proven and experienced partners.

EEI has already conducted several hundred B2B projects. Our experienced researchers who closely cooperate with the Client always start working on a given B2B project from acquiring knowledge about the specificity of a given sector. We customarily refer in our B2B projects to experienced external consultants.

We have conducted numerous projects in the financial and telecom sectors, we also have long-standing experience in pharmaceutical, healthcare and construction industry.

B2B research offered by EEI is always custom-made. We utilise and combine in our projects elements of various research methods and techniques.

Effectiveness in reaching respondents, and obtaining necessary information in B2B studies requires maximum flexibility. We conduct interviews with key individuals in any settings, including the most unusual environs. These are often informal meetings (interviews held at restaurants, tennis courts or on trains). Preparation to the interview requires consultations with external experts. Information obtained from them allows us to more effectively design our research tools, and often serves as independent analytical material.

Because of their rich life experience, EEI moderators can talk to high rank officials, businessmen, key decision makers easily, overcoming any possible barriers.

Type of research

Phone interviews

Qualitative FGDs and IDIs

Quantitative on-line studies based on professional databases

B2B partner satisfaction studies

Desk Research