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Consumer Day (C-Day)

The motto of C-Day projects reads as follows: See, Experience, Understand!
C-Day is a series of exciting meetings with consumers, thanks to which you can not only learn their opinions, but also discover the environment creating personal, little word. The uniqueness of CDay projects results from higher than usual involvement of the Client in the cognitive process enforced by the utilised methodology.

Prior to personally interviewing consumers, clients are instructed how to survey them, how to ask questions and interact with consumers, while the ongoing exchange of experience from simultaneously conducted interviews ensures fast build-up of consumer knowledge.

From the methodological point of view CDay is a combination of ethnography (observation of shopping, living conditions, pantry check; photo documentation of respondents’ personal environment) with an in-depth interview carried with one or several household members simultaneously. This is a perfect solution for those Clients who are afraid that classic research methods ‘reduce’ consumers to mere performers of one particular role, forgetting about the complexity of their personality and issues surrounding them. C-Day gives our Clients an opportunity to have a more holistic look at respondents, to meet not only them, but also their personal, little world.

Each Consumer Day is custom-made, taking into account the specificity of the explored sector, products or services offered by the Client, typical and prospective consumers. One of the key benefits of participating in a Consumer Day project is the ability to develop a common vision of the target group, shared by the employees of those departments of the Client’s organisation that have participated in the entire process (marketing, sales, procurement).

The common vision of the target group is the prerequisite to better cooperation and more efficient internal communication within the organisation.