We turn data into brand success

Strategic concept tests

In today’s world it is difficult to imagine working on brands without a strong concept supporting them. ConceptLab is a tool utilised to develop strong communication and positioning brand concepts. It combines strategic work with market research.

The research process is designed every single time taking into account how advanced the Client’s work on the concept is. EEI offers both a comprehensive strategic and research package including creative workshops attended by the Client, search for insights and benefits, consumer evaluation of concepts along with wording optimisation, as well as sole evaluation of concepts provided by the Client.

10 years of experience in generating and testing communication and strategic concepts has allowed us to optimise the complex research process behind the ConceptLab methodology. At the exploratory project stage we utilise various qualitative research techniques, providing our Clients with learnings that are of great use at the stage of seeking optimally relevant consumer insights.

In the course of dynamic qualitative evaluation process concepts are preliminarily tested for their potential, logical structure and wording. At the quantities stage, concepts developed are tested on a large sample, in order to estimate their potential, and chose the optimal one from the point of view of brand success.