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Home and personal care

We have been conducting market research in the home and personal care sectors for the last 17 years. The home care industry is considered relatively stable and predictable, even though it is noteworthy that this sector is only seemingly reasonable. On the one hand, it might seem that the action of every single product can be easily verified, e.g. whether the laundry is really white, or whether a given detergent actually removes every single stain.

On the other hand, however, consumers want to believe in miraculous action of products allowing them to remove all the grime effortlessly. This gives marketing and R&D departments a great chance to come up with ‘cosmic RTBs’ which are to justify wonderful action of the product. As regards beauty products, especially premium ones, the brand image plays an extremely important role, as together with the fragrance it is one of the key determinants of success or failure. This is why it is so very crucial to very consciously create and manage the brand image.